Who the heck is Elizabeth A. Seibert?

What is her deal? Does she prefer waffles or pancakes? Does she really have 30 million readers?

Short Answer: Elizabeth A. Seibert is the author of The Bro Code and is featured in Imagines: Celebrity Encounters Starring You. Elizabeth has amassed over 30 million reads and two top awards on Wattpad.com and loves discussing feminism, waffles, and the Oxford comma.

Long Answer: Once upon a time, Elizabeth grew up in Bedford, Massachusetts with her parents, her two sisters, her dog, and her two cats. Elizabeth, a young millennial, participated in the track and swim teams and during her senior year of high school, she created her first draft of The Bro Code and became an immediate hit on Wattpad’s platform, winning Wattpad’s most popular humor story in 2012. The Bro Code received a publishing deal from Wattpad Books, Macmillan Publishers, and Penguin U.K in 2019.

Elizabeth attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she created her own major, Behavioral Economics and Media Writing. During this time, she wrote No Capes, her second Wattpad novel, which won Wattpad’s Talk of the Town award in 2015 and was optioned for a TV adaptation in 2017. Before graduating UMass, Elizabeth was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and joined the Ultimate Frisbee Team.

After college, Elizabeth moved to Cambridge, MA and launched her career as advocate for using stories to help and inspire her communities. Elizabeth currently works in marketing and takes creative writing courses at Harvard University. Since enrolling at Harvard, Elizabeth has written across multiple genres and media including a full-length action movie, a 60-minute psychological thriller television pilot, and a variety of projects that expand her short-fiction portfolio. In her career, Elizabeth has also contributed journalistic articles to The Bedford Citizen and has written content for healthcare start-ups, digital advertising agencies, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Lenovo, and women’s magazines. Elizabeth loves to cook, read, play board games, and play ultimate frisbee. Her heroes include giraffes, Batman, and her sisters.  

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